Someone I loved once called me the most real person he’d ever met. And I was too. I smiled and laughed when I loved and cried and screamed when I hurt. I felt guilty when I bent the truth or even concealed a part of it. I thought everyone deserved to know everything as long as it didn’t hurt them, and I gave them all I could. But for all he knew about me, for all he could see of my heart and soul, he didn’t love me back. So I hid. Turns out, that version of me, she wasn’t made for this world.  I don’t know if he’d love this cover that seems to have developed but I know I don’t. I’ve become this person I don’t like. And I’ve run out of people to blame it on. Some where deep inside is a silent shivering girl battered and scarred and traumatized by the real world, and now it wants her back. Having destroyed the rest of its innocents it’s running low. I get it. I do. I miss her too. And I know I helped to destroy her.  But I think this idiotic shell is all we’ve got left of her. I know she’s fake. I know she’s petty. You think you know all of her tricks but you don’t know the half of them. Even I don’t know if the things that come out of her mouth are lies or not. If it helps, I don’t like her either. But try to remember, even though she lies with ease, fakes her way into friendships, and can act like she’s getting paid for it, the scared and defeated girl within is still calling the shots.  All she wanted was to save a crumbling world, but their are 6 billion people out there, and that’s a lot of pieces. So she doesn’t show how much she cares, lest she herself overhear. Do not fall for it, even if she’s started to. Like I said. She a fucking good liar. So even if beneath her smiling and her acting and her charming words shows through an insincere fuck, try to remember, that’s a facade too.

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"I’m going down," he had said. ”Wanna come?”  But I had misheard him. I thought he’d asked me to save him. So I said, “Of course,” and took his hand.  But now I don’t know where I am.

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I love every version of this song.

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